RobCar Technologies

Quarterly shareholders meeting

August 2, 2014

A Brief History

Aaron Carlino
  • Design
  • Development
  • Marketing
  • Copywriting
  • Sales
  • Research

James Robson
  • Ideas

What we've been up to

  • Authored "Whitewater Shafting"
  • Result: Whitewater shafting increases over 300% in 5 years. Now the #2 most popular outdoor adventure
  • Designed and deployed Tyler Doll prototype
  • Result: Tyler's shafting has been on a steady downward trend, now shafting less than 65% of the time.
  • So many diverse problems solved. What next?


Current Limitations of Farting

  • No paper trail
  • Permanence is dependent on environment
  • If a fart happens, and no one is around to smell it, did the fart really happen?

What we Believe

Fart metadata should be proximate, fast, easily accessed, and free.

Real-time flatulent data.


  • Live Fart Feed
  • Real-time charting breaking down daily, weekly, and yearly flatulent trends
  • Worldwide map showing geographic farting patterns
  • Phase 2: Heat maps


Right now.

Who will chart the first fart?