Who am I

  • Next Generation problem Solver
  • Researcher & Reader in free time
  • Speaker at  Null  & OWASP Community
  • Facilitator at Weekend Testing
  • Bug bounty Hunter  (eX .Crowd Tester)
  • Reported Security Vulnerabilities for 50+ unique customers all over the world  including Apple, yahoo, Outlook, adobe & etc.
  • Love to develop nasty code  & Hack it :)
  • Works as Security Researcher  at Accenture Digital Mobility 
  • Certified Ethical Hacker  AKA. Bug Wrangler


  • This Presentation is intended for educational purposes only and I cannot be held liable for any kind of damages done whatsoever to your machine, or other damages. 
  • Please - Don't try this attack on any others system without having context knowledge or permission, this may harm to someone directly or indirectly.
  • Feel free to use this presentation for practice or education purpose.
  • It's no way related to my employer - its my own research and  ideas. 

^ I hope - You gotcha ^



Means 'attack' in Hindi



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 @null0x00  @Abhinav_Sejpal

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