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Allan Laframboise - @al_laframboise

John Gravois - @geogangster

Lightning Talks

  • "ArcPy" - Justin Bousquin


  • "What is XML? Semantic Challenges” - ​Max


  • "Topographic Index - Python" - Keith


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  • @EsriGeoDev or #geodev


  • search "Esri GeoDev"


  • follow @EsriGeoDev

Trivia and swag



Raffle tonight!

DevSummit Europe

HackerLabs on Github

Data > Design > Develop

Social Coding


Esri's online community -

Open Source Projects

  • geotour-js
  • esri-leaflet (v2.0.3 with v1.0.0)
  • ago-tools, ArcREST (python)
  • calcite-maps
  • developer-support
  • SDK updates


what's new

ArcGIS Online

  • 3D Web Apps
    • ​Create apps based on scenes in Web AppBuilder
  • Templates
    • Tweak or customize​
  • Vector Tile Layers
    • ​Use ArcGIS Pro to publish vector tile layers
  • Built-in Analysis Tools

Complete cloud-based mapping platform

ArcGIS Online for Developers

1,000 free credits, code: SAL1016GEODEV

How to redeem voucher

Dev & Testing is free

Web APIs

what's new

ArcGIS Web AppBuilder

Developer Edition 2.2

JS API 3.17/3.18


  • Vector Tile Basemaps (updated)
  • Updated FeatureTable
    • View/edit related related records and attributes
  • OGC, WFS layers
  • Calcite Theme

JS API 4.1 

  • 100% promises-based

            someAyncFunction.then (callback, errback)

  • Built-in watch bindings
  • Totally new API, new life-cycle, re-write required
  • 3D support
  • Client-side Geometry library
  • DynamicMapLayers, Wrap-around, Printing
  • Under the hood - CSS, Sass, UI enhancements


what's new

AppStudio for ArcGIS

create native apps

scroll for details

Quartz (beta)

New layer types, more renderers and symbols, support for reading and writing web maps, MMPKs, 3D, local vector and raster layer support and GPU based spatial analysis

ArcGIS Python API (beta)

Conda Install

Jupityr notebook-friendly


ArcScripts (beta)

Other Resources

We're Hiring!

Show me something cool!

Web GIS + App Development

ArcGIS Platform


Community announcements?

Let the lightning talks begin!

GeoDev Meetup Salem 2016

By alaframboise

GeoDev Meetup Salem 2016

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