Gospel Movements

Brand & Product Development


The Gospel Movement brand was developed to serve church leaders and faith-based thought leaders in major cities around the world. 

The initial audience profile included authors, pastors, and community organizers – well-read individuals, who lived on the East Coast. The design needed to be sophisticated and legible, but look modern and forward-looking.

The brand launched with a blog and email newsletter.


Tagline Concepts

I developed the two taglines in the proposal
to support a basic logo treatment.

The typeface choices were intended to communicate a blend of the old (classic, of literature, familiar) and new 
(modern, forward-thinking, bold).


Initial Concepts

Blog Illustrations

As a part of our content plan, I felt that a quality publication should have custom artwork on every post. I created a series of illustrations for this and other LPA blogs to get the ball rolling for our other designers, who were primarily print designers. 

These were quite fun to do, with no brand restrictions and an artificial deadline set (I gave myself a half-hour each).

Web Tech Notes

  • The site was built on Wordpress, using a heavily customized child theme based on Press Two from Obox Design, along with many custom fields. Obox liked the child theme so much, they asked to feature it on their site. 
  • Responsive design was in its infancy at the time; a separate mobile and iPad site was used.
  • I trained the print designers to create banner images for blog posts, along with specs and sample PSD files. 
  • I modified the SuperSized JS library to do asynchronous loading of the full-screen backgrounds. 

Campaign Monitor Email Template

Video Elements

Intro title. Build and rigged in 3D with Motion 4.

”Leadership Perspectives“ video series.
Compositing done with the Conduit nodal plugin.

Gospel Movements: Brand & Product Development

By allanwhite

Gospel Movements: Brand & Product Development

I developed a new brand for the Luis Palau Association, which included web, email, and video products.

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