How to Do do (!)

reclaim the fields

D o d o is...

a urban focused environment organization in Finland.

// Advancing the sustainable urban development from the grassroot

B e i n g @Dodo

  1. Activity groups
  2. Urban gardening at Pasila

  3. Event volunteering & participating the events/workshops

  4. Start your own project or activity group

Dida Ramos

A c t i v i t y groups

1. Kaupunkisuunnitteluryhmä/ Urban planning group 

// Ratapihavisio/ Pasila Vision

// Minitalot/mini house project > building & creating

2. Dodo's Kääntöpöytä/Turntable greenhouse @Pasila

3. Hautomo 
// forum for free discussion about different environmental issues, from sharing economy, energy scenarios to psychology of environmental anxiety. Here, new thoughts can be cultivated without hurry.

4. Art & Activism / Taide&Aktivismi

// Art projects + happenings combined into sustainable living and to other Dodo themes.

5. Reclaim the Fields Finland

6. Pasila's waste food soup kitchen

photo: Tehilah Auramo

U r b a n gardening @Turntable


At Turntable you have possibility to…

// learn loads about urban gardening

// use our tools and have part of the harvest

1. Weekly gardening shifts at the Turntable
2. Workshop days at the greenhouse/garden
3. Projects like beekeeping + others

4. Start your own project at the garden!

// More info from volunteer coordinators koordinaattorit(at)

// FB- group "Kääntöpöydän aktiivit/Actives at the Turntable"

// Short summary of all gardening task -

poster and illustrations : Lille Santanen

Events @ Dodo 2018

Urban action Spring 12.5.
// Skill sharing event with workshops about zero waste, mushrooms (HelSieni), greenhouse workshops, swing & dance.

Helsinki-päivä Kääntöpöydällä 12.6.
// Urban Planning, city activism and launching Dodo's vision of Pasila "Ratapihavisio"
Beats and Greens, 3.-5.8.
// Urban art festival, out door cinema, panel discussions and alternative music & workshops.

HarFest (Pasilan viljelykeskuksen sadonkorjuujuhlat) 1.9.
// Food related workshops, discussions, gardening and music

Dodo's Bigger public events 2018 (also smaller happenings almost every week)

Anna Matilda Valli

Start your own project / activity group

Suggest your ideas and consepts and let's d o it!

New events, projects at the garden, workshops, action groups - you choose!

Suggetions and funding requests to the Dodo board: hallitus2(at)

Wasim Al-Nasser

see you soon!