apache mesos
cluster management made easy

all things are distributed today:

  • file systems
  • databases
  • caches
  • services
  • programming logic

and there are some reasons

  • high availability
  • fault tolerance
  • performance
  • no SPOFs (mostly)
  • commodity hardware

but there are some proBlems

  • nodes use to fail
  • network splits
  • non-trivial deployment
  • extensive housekeeping
  • resource management
  • heterogenous nodes
  • process parts use to fail

More about housekeeping

each time significant part of the system serves for monitoring and maintanance of critical components
  • redundancy to avoid SPOFs
  • but coordination is still needed
  • leader election to avoid desync
  • what if there is no quorum?
  • static allocation of resources
  • even virtual hosts fail

mesos concepts

  • cluster or grid as a single resource
  • distributed container for applications
  • infinite scalability
  • unified API for application developers

cluster operating system? 



cluster management made easy

By Anton Kirillov

cluster management made easy

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