Business Plan

Gulcin + Serkan + Hardi + Ahmed + Sunil

Business Idea

to make better photos when we see ourselves in our best mood in front of our mirrors.

Taking Selfies are hard

...sure you can watch this video on which Kim shares her expert tips for taking better selfies (amongst 300(!) tryings).

We hate selfie sticks!

It looks pretty ridiculous to us and we want to erase (terminate!) that culture with our cute and lovely solution.

Our Mission

to help modern families and agile businesses to capture

their best moments with our smart mirror by eliminating traditional selfie pain.


Short Term

Establishing solid roots in Estonian and neighboring markets, achieving brand recognition, through selling around 8000 device in the first year.

Long Term

Expanding to USA and Japan, using our established local position, and transitioning from a local company to a global one.



Product Prices

Two main products for

two separate customer




Sales Estimate

€ 1.6 Million sales revenue for the 1st year.

Estimated Revenue and Profit

€ 760K net profit for the 1st year.


Profitable business opportunity is out there and market is ready!

Thank you!

Mirror Me Pitch

By Gülçin Yıldırım Jelínek

Mirror Me Pitch

This presentation is created for Entrepreneurship and Businness Planning lecture of Computer Systems Engineering master programme at Tallinn University of Technology

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