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SmartGlass Technology


though the glass

Police can easily identify theft

Police can easily identify hot vehicles

Police can locate colleagues on critical operations

Police training will be more efficient

Police can scan the crime scene and re-create it for further investigation

Police can easily distinguish voice tone (true or lie)

and there are more

...let's mobilize our cops with the future technology response faster be more efficient solve crimes faster reduce

errors & mistakes save more lives

...nowadays people are not just watching

...let's show the people that the cops will soon be...

...the cops they WANTED TO BE... ofcourse, providing them the right tool


- Voice tone recognition

- Computer Vision

  - Can recognize faces

  - Can recognize text

  - Can recognize photo of a subject

- Artificial Intelligence \ Machine Learning

- Scene recreation

- Realtime video conference

  - Records operation

  - Onsite assistance

- More more more

...the best thing about is...

...Smartglass can be interfaced with the outputs in this cool hackathon

Team Ironman

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Team Ironman

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