Version Control

CodeXX Meetup October 20, 2014

While you wait...

  • Install a text editor (Sublime)
  • create an account
  • tell me your username
  • install git

on a mac:

on a pc:

Tenants of Adult Learning

  • You should know why you are learning something.
  • The foundation of the learning activities should include experience.
  • You should plan and evaluate your own instruction.
  • The things you learn should directly impact your daily activities.
  • Learning should be oriented towards problems not content.
  • Your motivations should be your own, not external.

Follow Along


Command Line Interface

git config --global <email>

git config --global <name>

git config --global core.editor nano

git clone <clone url>

git add -p

git status

git commit -m <message>

git push

git pull

git branch <branchname>

git checkout <branchname>

git merge <branchname>