Standalone Android Apps in Python

Baptiste Lagarde
Sydney Python Group, 2013.11.07

I. Toolchain
II. Kivy              

    java app vs. python app

    Python cross-compiled for ARM using the Android NDK

    Android NDK - The Native Development Kit allows you to implement parts of your app using native-code languages such as C and C++.

    I. Toolchain

    toolchain (1/5)


    Toolchain (2/5)

    Prerequisites ~6GB (sigh)
    Option B

    Option A

    • Download Android SDK + NDK
    • Follow pages and pages of Google instructions
    • Download more stuff from inside Eclipse (?!)
    • Set-up some environment variables
    • git clone ...,  pip install ...
    • Download .vbi virtual machine image 
    • Run with virtualbox

    Toolchain (2/5)