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ec2 with python setup



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Ec2/Python Setup on Debian

  • Install python and boto

apt-get update 
apt-get install -y python python-dev python-pip
pip install boto 
  • Login to AWS and create/locate your Access Key

EC2/Python Setup on Debian

  • Create and configure your boto credentials
#!/bin/bashnano /home/<youruser>/.boto
  • Using the info from AWS do...
aws_access_key_id = {ACCESS KEY ID}
aws_secret_access_key = {SECRET ACCESS KEY} 

Ec2/Python Setup on Debian

  • Login to your EC2 console and create/download your key

cp /path/to/key/foo.pem /home/<youruser>/.ssh/foo.pem
chmod 600 /home/<youruser>/.ssh/foo.pem

EC2/Python Setup on Windows

  • Download and install in order
//That should have installed in C:\Python-2.7.3 or something similar
Add an environment variable PYTHON_HOME=C:\Python-2.7.3\
Add an environment variable PYTHON_SCRIPTS=C:\Python-2.7.3\Scripts\
Add both to your path
  • Now download
  • Then (assumes x64 if not download x32 installer)
cmd> python C:\Downloads\ez_setup.py

EC2/Python Setup on Windows

  • Install pip then boto
cmd>easy_install  pip
cmd>pip install boto
  • Configure boto
//Follow the steps from the debian portion to find keys & secrets
Create your file with the name you want(e.g boto_config.cfg)
Place it in a location of your choice(e.g C:\Users\<your_account_name>\configs).
Create an envar with the name BOTO_CONFIG and value of the path you chose.
  • SSH Key
//This is involved. Please refer to

ec2 with python setup

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ec2 with python setup

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