What is Quantopian?

That's a good question!  

Quantopian is a cloud based python IDE powered by Zipline (an open source algorithmic trading library)   

Ok ... what does that mean?  

Also a good question!

It means you can get on the interwebs, type some python code, and make big $$$

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Learn More @

  • https://www.quantopian.com - site
  • https://www.quantopian.com/help - docs
  • https://github.com/quantopian/zipline - backend

Take Aways

  • Python is ok!
  • Algorithmic trading is not that hard!  
  • Invest your money to make more money!
  • If your going to get really good at something other than building websites, Quantopian is a great choice!  


By Benjamin Conant


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