Source Control Migration Plan & Updates

Why change vcs?

  • SVN sucks.
  • SVN swallows our files :( 
  • Seriously SVN, stahp :'(
  • Time to say bye bye.


  • Evaluated GitHub, BitBucket, GitLab. 
  • Decided for Visual Studio Online for nice HTML interface, build integration with our stack, unlimited repos and useful features.
  • Everyone already has a Microsoft account anyway for work, so no need to mix "gmail"s.
  • It's just git.

How to migrate?

  • In several phases.
  • First, go to and sign in, clone the dashboard repo. Start working from there.
  • You all have accounts using your emails. 
  • This is the first step

The future

  • Move rest of TipRanks to git
  • Integrate CI, commits to master only through pull requests on successful builds. 
  • Integrate MyGet builds, private NuGet and npm repositories. 
  • Integrate tests for encforcing sanity as part of CI. 
  • Integrate automatic deployment - A deploy to the TipRanksStaging-Sharon branch uploads to the 

That's it

  • Ideas about source control?
  • Suggestions about tools we need?
  • Anything else?

Other updates


  • We did not release a version last week which isn't great. Why do we think that happened?
  • You guys work too much. Work is important but it's not the most important thing in life. I don't mind trying 20% time if you promise to do other stuff too, or just work less.

This week's version

  • We have to release a high quality version this week. Be proud of creating things people pay a lot to use and saves people money.
  • This does not mean we have to work until 2am, instead, it means we should focus, cutting features is better than delivering unfinished features.