The Artiste in the Real World

Mozart's Business Plan

Piano Concerto No. 12 in A (1782)

  • Performed January 24, 1975 as a concert-length Improvisation
  • 1400+ audience members
  • Concert started at 11:30 PM
  • Concert promoter was inexperienced (17 years old!)
  • Wearing a back brace for significant pain
  • No quality sleep in several days
  • Did not eat dinner 
  • Arrived after an exhausting drive
  • The piano he had selected to play was not there
  • The available piano was small and in bad repair
  • The available piano had a thin upper register and weak low register


 How might these circumstances limit or undermine the artwork?


How might these circumstances enable or enhance the artwork?


J.S. Bach,
sole proprietor

Bach Portrait

Peter Schickele (aka P.D.Q. Bach)

Penn Jillette, narrator

Text taken from J.S. Bach's surviving letters, in which he complains about not getting paid.

The Artisté in the Real World

By Brian

The Artisté in the Real World


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