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BrandHealth - Summary I

Digital Technology Manager

Oversaw the development of consumer and B2B iPad apps, websites & touchscreen displays, acting as a liaison between design & programming departments, including client relations.

BrandHealth - Summary II

Allergan, Eli Lilly, Johnson & Johnson, GlaskoSmithKline, Pfizer and others

  • Built foundations of new department, generating revenue of $2 million
  • Oversaw the release of 50+ iPad apps using HTML5 & PhoneGap

Alton Labs - Summary I

Contractor & Consultant

Work as a UX expert, PHP/MySQL engineer, front-end developer, linux server administrator and
computer technician.

AltonLabs - Summary II

Cossette Toronto (Air Transat, Marlin Travel, Canada Post), YourOnlineAgents, eCentre Research, Peterborough Catholic School Board and others

    AltonLabs - Summary III

    • Completed leading-edge HTML5 projects for large Canadian corporations
    • Oversaw thousands of queries a second for YourOnlineAgents (Apache and MySQL)
    • Re-wrote profitable proprietary software with extensive testing
    • Worked as a computer technician diagnosing networking, server and computer issues

      Whatever Media

      Senior Web Developer

      • HTML5/JS app front-end developer
      • PHP/MySQL back-end developer
      • Linux server administrator 

      Worked with Mazda, Toyota and others

      Volunteer Experience & Awards I

      National Advertising Awards

      Merit Award  for Print  (Spring 2013)

      Community Council
      Ubuntu (Operating System)
      Elected  (2010-2012) 

      Volunteer Experience & Awards II

      Chief Communications Officer & Members Officer
      Green Party of Canada 
      Volunteer   (2010-2012)

      Chair of Web Development & Design Advisory Committee, Durham College
      Elected  (2007-2008)

      Camera Man & Instant Replay Operator, TVCogeco  
      Volunteer  (2003-2005) 

      Fine art photographer

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