Leverage insights to find inspiration, establish a foundation, and build a legacy.


Which content or locations drive subscribers?

Intelligence Goals:

  1. Address underserved cities or channels.
  2. Immediately reduce the cost of acquisition.
  3. Marketing attribution and media mix modeling. (Know when events drive value).
  4. Current customer opportunities.
  5. Understand lost opportunities.
  6. A/B testing (growth).


Insights will provide guidance, revealing new opportunities.


Understanding new opportunities will serve as a guiding light towards "what's next?"


Once the path forward is clear, technology platforms will establish a foundation for "continual answers" and "continual growth".

Data Platform

Data Refinement

The data platform aggregates data in a "smart" data warehouse.


MediaTech's "smart" data platform refines data by running metadata analytics (anomaly detection), combining it with industry data, and establishing meaningful data relationships.

Quality control is critical.


We see what others don't. 

MediaTech Ventures insights lead to meaningful change.

Clean and accurate data from the MediaTech Ventures data platform produces trustworthy information.

Change leads to progress. Progress produces new data...

... and the cycle begins again.


A foundation built on "continual learning" leads to communities, companies, and people who never stop growing.