Evaluation Question 4 Part 3


In order to show my progress throughout the whole process of developing and creating my newspaper, i have used Blogger as a way to document this. I think that Blogger was the best option when it came to keeping track on my progress and research, this way if I needed to recall anything that I had previously done it was all in one place. My blog is a media production, it is a continuously updating platform which I feature all of my work and findings on. This allowed me to become a prosumer in the age of web 2.0 so I no longer just consume stuff over the net, but I produce on it for a potential worldwide audience. 


When creating my radio advert, I needed to find style models and examples of what my advert should sound like. I did not want to rush into making one without knowing what they are supposed to sound like, if there was any background and how long it should go on for. So I used YouTube to find some already existing products so I could begin to plan mine. I also used this as a way of uploading my progress, I did this to show that I can use various different media platforms to document my development. 


 I have used this website as a was of presenting my findings from my research a lot, it is a very efficient way of showing how I have conducted my research as well as showing how I have made progress when creating my piece. Even though I have used this platform several times, I use different layouts so they are never the same. 


I enjoy using prezi as a way of showing how I have conducted research and which results I have gained from doing so. When I am carrying out research and might forget where I have gotten certain things from I can easily access the Prezi's I have made to find it, it is also easy to navigate around so no one would get confused. 


This is a form of presentation, it allowed me to create something similar to powerpoint which is a has a very simple layout as is incredibly easy to use. I used this as it was another way for my to present my findings and show how I complete certain tasks. 


Again this is another design website, you have to create a powerpoint on Microsoft Powerpoint and then upload it to this website, it is a very efficient way of uploading powerpoints because you can not just do this. I enjoyed using this form of presentation as I feel like it is a simplistic way to view my findings.

Survey Monkey 

This is something which I find very beneficial to use. It is a website which creates questionnaires, but it also has a feature where you can easily access your results and provides charts for you to use when posting on Blogger etc. It is also really easy for those taking the questionnaire to use.