Continuous integration scheduling tools


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CI Scheduling tools

(mozci, pulse_actions and try_extender)

November 2nd, 2015

Zambrano Gasparnian, Armen (armenzg)

Mozilla's Engineering Productivity (aka A-team)

Source of jobs:

  • Buildbot
  • TaskCluster
  • Others
  • Add missing jobs
  • Rerun jobs
  • Find last green job

Mozci can:

  • Establish relations between jobs
  • Determine status of CI
  • Be used to write scheduling tools

Mozci can:

  • Pushlog
  • Buildbot data sources
  • Treeherder
  • TaskCluster

Mozci uses:

Pulse actions project

Kudos to adusca

Treeherder actions project

Sheriffs can directly from Treeherder:

  • Find the source of a regression
  • Create new performance baseline
  • Add missing jobs on a push

Kudos to vaibhav1994

NOTE: To be replaced by in-Treeherder solution

Kudos to adusca

Try extender project

Try extender for Treeherder 

Buildbot bridge project



Buildbot bridge project

If you want to learn or help out:

Mozci: Quarter of Contribution

#ateam - @armenzg

Many thanks to:

  • adusca
  • vaibhav1994
  • many others