Business Models for Content Strategy

Strategie Modell Namics

Strategische Zielausrichtung


User Journey betrachten. Potentiale erkennen. Angebot anpassen.


Strategische Maßnahmen


Kundenbedürfnisse erkennen. Digitalisierung planen. Erfolg ausbauen.


Strategische Umsetzungsplanung


Effizienzgewinnung. Erschliessung neuer Zielgruppen. Langfristige Planung.



Jim Collins Hedgehog Concept

If the people in the organisation are not passionate about the strategy, they will not execute it and/or will not sustain it.

If the organisation is not the best in the world at something, competitors will eventually overtake them.

If there is no economic engine, the company cannot satisfy its customers and shareholders.

The Brand Model by JvM


Content Strategy

by me ;-)

Content Strategy

By Daniela Holzer

Content Strategy

Business Models for Content Strategy

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