Evil Things –

 An encyclopaedia of bad taste

Categorizing all kinds of Lapses.

The Hofmobiliendepot • Möbel Museum/Imperial Furniture Collection in Vienna is exploring the question of good and bad taste in an exhibition.

These days it seems to be much harder to establish clear categories or boundaries between ‘good’ or ‘bad’ taste. 


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Videos amusing and funny

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 World's largest collection

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Award Ceremony

Tickets for the Exhibition


"Antiques Roadshow"

 Videos for the Website, Facebook,

You Tube etc.

Small Goodies --> USP Sticks


Virtual Flew Market (Smartphone App)

Collage of the selling objects

Klick on the picture --> not for sale! 

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Don't be evil ;-)

Evil Things – An encyclopaedia of bad taste

By Daniela Holzer

Evil Things – An encyclopaedia of bad taste

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