ChRIS - A Web-based NeuroImaging and Informatics System for Collecting, Organizing, Processing, Visualizing and Sharing of Medical Data

Rudolph Pienaar, PhD
Technical Director
Fetal-Neonatal Neuroimaging and Developmental Science Center

Staff Scientist
Boston Children's Hospital

Instructor in Radiology
Harvard Medical School


overview of talk

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live interaction

ancilliary projects

overview of talk

ChRIS is:

  • [Boston's] "Children's Research Informatics System"
  • a web-based research/clinical workflow manager
  • and more...

overview of talk

unmet need

  • why aren't research informatics tools in more widespread clinical use?
  • why is real time collaboration/sharing on medical data so 1990s?

value proposition

  • bridge research/clinical gap using web 2.0 metaphors
  • track, share, process, collaborate

ChRIS overview

live demo

the traditional approach to research pipelines...

what is typical domain knowledge for conducting numerical research?

  • specialized tools with high degree of domain knowledge
  • UNIX (Linux or Mac) command line
  • intimate knowledge of clusters and scheduling

what is ChRIS?

ChRIS is a bio-medical data workflow manage that allows easy and intuitive collection, analysis, and sharing of data between parties.

what is ChRIS?

ChRIS also...

  • allows for advanced view rendering
  • allows for sharing of images
  • allows for immersive real time collaboration
  • allows for post-processing of images


  • collect
  • manage
  • analyze
  • view
  • collaborate

collect image data

  • seamlessly connect to standard PACS with Query/Retrieve
  • direct access to server filesystem
  • drag-n-drop from local client into server
  • ssh/scp underpinning for secure network transfers

collect image data

manage image data

  • all "data" is stored in a time-based feed
  • feeds are basically file-browsers
  • feeds can be annotated with free form notes
  • shared feeds can support comments between parties

analyze image data

  • a "plugin" mechanism offers the ability to accept feed data and process data
  • ChRIS is usually configured to communicate transparently with an HPC
  • plugins are mostly non-interactive analysis pipelines
  • interactivity is available as a pre-processing step

analyze image data

view image data

  • image data in feed can be viewed directly in simple drop down window
  • image data can be viewed in more sophisticated fashion with specialized viewing modes
  • advanced sharing using 3rd party backends (Google Real Time API / Dropbox API)

real time collaboration

  • image data can be shared between collaborators
  • Google RealTime API
  • a realtime JSON object is shared and updates each viewer independently
  • (akin to multi-player games)
  • shared screen components (like cursor)

real time collaboration

real time demo...

  • ChRIS instance

real time demo...

  • ChRIS instance

Ancilliary projects


further references...


Development team

  • Jorge "To Be" Bernal, PhD
  • Nicolas "VJ" Rannou, MSc
  • Rudolph "Cat Herder" Pienaar, PhD
  • Daniel "X Slicer" Haehn, PhD
  • Daniel "Game On" Ginsburg, MSc
  • Ellen "Doc" Grant, MD

thank you...

ChRIS-12MinuteTalk -- IEEE EMBS 2015

By Rudolph Pienaar

ChRIS-12MinuteTalk -- IEEE EMBS 2015

A general overview of ChRIS... shortcomings in conventional approaches, live demo, video, mi2b2.

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