Re-decentralizing the Web

The Web today - a silo world

Multiple silos...


Liability when data is leaked

Different APIs everywhere

No interoperability

Zero control over data

Lack of cross-domain identity

(identity is tightly coupled with each application)

Solid approach


Standard API


Control over data

Self-managed and cross-domain online identity

What is different?

Apps no longer "run" on dedicated servers

Apps no longer require authentication

Generic, standards-based API for managing data using REST principles

No application logic in the server!

Architecture goals:

Modular design - decouple everything

Build generic platforms & tools

Reuse data between applications

Deliver open Web standards!

How does it work?

Load the application

Multiple data sources

My cloud

My work server

My home

App fetches data from individual sources

App providers don't see the data

Everything revolves around URIs


(especially for identity)

Solid offers decentralized:

Identity (self-sovereign)


Access control

Generic (and RESTful) data API

What do we stand to gain?

Control over what data we share



Reuse our social graph


Governance & Democracy

New business models

HTTP 402

But challanges arise

Identity portability

Data licensing (reversed ToS)

Data flow audit


Solid -- re-decentralizing the Web

By Andrei

Solid -- re-decentralizing the Web

Project description and goals

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