Using drupal-project to craft your perfect start state

Derek "Hawkeye Tenderwolf" DeRaps

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Composer basics

Getting the tasty code

git clone


composer create-project

Alternatives to drupal-project


     is a


anatomy of a composer file + basic customization

  • adding modules
  • SemVer(ish)
  • minimum stability (
  • libraries
  • scripts
  • "extra" config

Bonus: "Installers" + Components!

When you need code that only exists in the GitHubs...

  1. Use composer.json "repositories"
      - OR -
  2. Fork + add your own composer.json

Begin: FUN

Bring in all your favourite customizations:

  • settings.php + services.yml
  • .gitignore + .gitconfig
  • local dev (lando, ddev, ...)
  • hosts (pantheon,, ...)
  • continuous integration
  • config management
  • module/core patches
  • front-end tooling

Configuration Installer profile

Database dumps are SO drupal-7

"Optional" config

use drupal console to sanitize the config export for use on other sites


Using drupal-project to craft your perfect start state

By Hawkeye Tenderwolf

Using drupal-project to craft your perfect start state

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