<coding for journalists/> 
by Eunice Lee
How are we telling stories today?
How do I start??
What is HTML?
HTML structures content and pre-existing elements
<p>  paragraph

<img> image

<footer> footer

My name is Eunice

What is CSS?
element {
    property: value;
p {
    color: red;


Here is your paragraph!


CSS tells your browser your browser how your HTML elements look and function

Works with pre-existing properties and ranges of values
What is CSS?

Open Lab


Lab Lunches
Where do I go ??
for students, by students
digital journalism bit by bit
Lab Lunches
Thursdays, Fisk 111, 11:30-1 p.m.
informal discussions about journalism and tech
nerds unite! 
(with free food!)
Open Lab Hours
Tuesdays, 6-9 p.m. Fisk 111
A collaborative community for makers and learners
(with free pizza!)
Some of my work
Coding Languages
JavaScript: create interactive stories like slideshows and quizzes

d3.js: make awesome graphics and visualization

Python and R: work with data
More than half of the job openings at The New York Times require knowledge of programming
JOUR 390: Advanced Interactive
Storytelling and Design

EECS 130: Tools and Technology of the world wide web

EECS 330: Human-Computer Interaction
More cool resources