Carpooling for organizations

Help your employees get to work guilt-free

Do you want better air quality for our beloved planet?

         carpooling for companies

Help your employees travel to the workplace with ease


 Perfect for:

- limited employee parking space.

- poor public transportation.

- fostering employee moral and culture



Drivili for companies is a free real time information web app that can help you.


1. Resolve your transportation problems

Drivili screenshot

Drivili is a eco friendly transport application to minimize CO2 emissions.

Car sharing is a great way to reduce the number of cars on the road and improve air quality (ATMO Index).

2. Help get better air quality

Drivili app will inform you in real time of drivers and riders close to your workplace.


- A dedicated screen keeps real time information accessible (tablet, smartTV or TV with android box)


- Add the Drivili web app on your website or intranet for easy access.


- Fixed location mode can be set to track employee movements during work hours

3. Drivili carpooling for companies

Drivili carpooling in fixed location mode will inform your employees of riders and drivers close to your company.


- Completed itineraries of riders arriving or starting from a location in a 600 m radius will be communicated in real time


- Using Drivili on their own mobile, your employees will be able to book a driver seat and share a ride.

4. Drivili carpooling for companies

Drivili is a location aware web app service designed to connect Riders with Drivers already travelling somewhere.


  • Drivili is not for professional, commercial or for profit purposes.
  • Drivili is a service for people over 18 years. It cannot be used as a minor.
  • As a driver, you must have a valid driving license and a third party insurance in force for the vehicle.
  • As a driver, you must have a vehicle with a valid car inspection certificate.
  • You agree to abide to the driving laws of your country.

Drivili carpooling for companies

- Google search 'Drivili' and setup the app in fixed location mode.


- Get a screen for your reception or add the web app to your intranet.


- Click to contact Drivili on social networks for more information or special features.

Would you like to give it a try ?

Drivili is only available in Europe for now

Drivili Carpooling for companies

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Drivili Carpooling for companies

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