Slack at Work

By Amit Gupta

A new age of collaboration at work

A new way of collaborating with teams.

The Hit List

  • Zero setup time.
  • Everything at one place.
  • No Email, everything is a live feed(channel).
  • Most effortless way to collaborate with people.
  • Simple, Better organised.
  • Numerous Integrations.
  • Modern, Beautiful.
  • Excellent user experience, loved by team.



  • Everything at one place, a click away.
  • People with different tool preference consolidate at one place. Example: Document sharing integrated from Dropbox and Google Drive.
  • Track broadcasts, commits to repositories, tweets, chats, comments just like an activity and with ease.

Quick Search


The feeds for you

Slack API & Bots 

  • Slack Web API.
  • Real Time Messaging API.
  • SlackBot Remote Control.
  • Amazing Web hooks.
  • Slash commands.
  • Create your own Slack apps.



  • Slack Web (
  • Slack HQ (
  • Slack API (
  • Slack Twitter (

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