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Drupal Project

Life cycle

Mike King



Waterfall, Scrum or Something Else?

  • Unless forced, be as agile as possible

  • Mode of transport isn't that important,
    it's getting there that counts

  • Learn from your mistakes and build your
    ideal process


  • Plan > Do > Review

  • Work in small cycles

  • Rinse and repeat as often as required.
    More cycles are almost always better.

  • Meetings mark start and finish of cycles

Plan > Do > Review

  • Discovery per cycle

  • Involve people in the conversation

  • Think modular, think Drupal

  • Order and estimate

  • Use examples to describe requirements*

How many points?

Plan > Do > Review

  • Development > QA > UAT > Done

  • Complete items of work in order

  • Checklists save the day

  • Zero defects at every stage!

Plan > Do > Review

  • Have another conversation

  • Involve all the team

  • What did we do?

  • How could we do it better?

  • Lead straight into the next cycle

What did we learn?

  • Conversations are essential

  • Requirements are personal

  • Use examples to clarify and discover edge-cases

  • Smaller cycles encourage more feedback

  • Waste is our enemy

How many points?