Open Hatch Comes to Campus

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Open Hatch

OpenHatch is a non-profit dedicated to matching prospective free software contributors with communities, tools, and education.

Mozilla is a global, non-profit community dedicated to the mission of building an Internet that is :

Knowable: it’s transparent–we can see it and understand it

Interoperable: it presents opportunity to play and innovate

Ours:  it’s open to everyone and we define it


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Emma Irwin




Agenda, Lab Rules, 

Computer Setup

# IRC isn't just old school: enriching community through text-based chat




Open Data

" There is a misplaced assumption that everybody knows what data is, and how useful it can be. Yet that’s not the case at all.

-Benedict Dellot, RSA Action and Research Institute


Oh yes...

Mozilla Webmaker builds tools, curriculum and community for teaching the web. 

Our mission is to teach and promote web literacy.

NExt 1 Billion Web Users


Contributions Workshop 

Mozilla Webmaker  



* Environment

First Bugs  

Demos & Feedback

Next Steps?

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