Moodle for CSPS Collaborators

Vancouver, Lions Room

March 4, 2020

Alex Enkerli

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Branchement / Logging In

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Paperless Initiative sans papier

Rationale / Raisonnement

Processus / Process


(Almost) No Paper in Class

By December 31

Almost every course was ready by January 31

Resources Online

Moodle 101

Espaces / Spaces

Moodle Roles at CSPS

Role For Whom? Course Access Edit
Program Owner All programs All All
Non-Editing Teacher All teachers* All Own
Student Specific course* Non-hidden 
Guest Default Non-hidden
Manager/ Administrator IT/GCcampus/Multimedia All All+

GCcampus Instructor Accounts

Faculty Space

Shared Space not

“Moodle Showcase”

Moodle Flexibility

“There’s a module for that”

Use for MOOC


Collaborative online learning experience on public engagement

Much to Explore

Moodle Community is made of people

Tips and Tricks

“If you don't know what it does, you probably don't need it”

Turn Editing On

Moodle as Repository: Resources

Drag and Drop from Desktop


  • Add date
  • Original file format

Labels for Rich Content

Hiding in plain sight

Team Collaboration?

Fully Hiding Sections

Moodle for Activities

Enrolment Options

Switching Roles


Feedback Activity to Get Content from Anyone

Learning Analytics


Five Minute Course Design

Pick Something to Learn or Teach

Find Resources

Put on Your Moodle Space

Posting Material

Hiding Material

Alternative Layouts

Sharing Notes

Create Assignments

Managing Activities



Learner Prompt

Learner Enquiry

Learner Driven

Peer Rating

Platform Agnostic


Observe Participation

Participation Patterns

Following Up




Guiding Activities

Encouraging Engagement

Stimulating Collaboration

Building Material

Moodle for CSPS Facilitators

By Alexandre Enkerli

Moodle for CSPS Facilitators

Moodle screenshots to accompany a discussion with CSPS Facilitators at 111 Sussex, on January 10, 2020

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