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  • Slackbots Intro for Front End Devs

  • Webpack ⚡

  • StandardJS

  • PHP Basics for WordPress

    WordCamp 2016

  • ReduxJS

  • Weekend Workshop: WordPress 101

    These are the slides used for Day 1 of Columbus Web Groups Weekend Workshop: WordPress 101 primarily for front end developers.

  • Beef up WordPress Theme Dev with Twig and Gulp

    Want to get into the latest and greatest in Front End development for your WordPress websites? This presentation will talk about re-organizing your theme development process by streamlining your build process with Gulp (http://gulpjs) and beefing up your templates with Twig (via Timber Will have some template comparisons and go over some best practices for Sass, JS coding style and using Twig.

  • Get Animated About SVG

    Animations Presentation on SVG. Going through the process of designing for an animation and than also improving creative animations where possible. The presentation goes through animations best practices in SnapSVG and GSAP.

  • Tea Time: Laravel // Modern PHP

    A presentation to go over modern PHP development practices, including introduction to object oriented PHP, Composer/ and the rapid application development framework Laravel using LTS 5.1.

  • CWG: Nuthin' but an SVG thang

    This presentation is all about beautiful ways to bring rich graphical content into your web projects with Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG). SVG isn't the newest technology on the web but it's seeing a huge rise in popularity. Today, SVG adoption can be seen in almost every aspect of front end development. UX components like scalable icons, animated graphics, image filters, image clipping and data visualization can all be built utilizing SVG. This presentation will go on a journey through recent trends and popular use-cases of SVG and will maneuver through SVG implementation examples, brief structure analysis, ideal workflow, optimization and best practices. Video:

  • Web Components

    This presentation is in progress. Presented internally @ CardinalSolutions Front End Special Interest Group

  • Your First WordPress Plugin and Using an External API

    Introduction to WordPress Plugin API and live coding implementation of connecting to an external API service (Amazon Products API).