Game Camp
Day 1

 Getting Started

What Are We Doing This Week?

Make A Video Game

To Learn How to Code

So We Can Take Over The World


Monday - Introduction, Sprites

Tuesday - Triggers, Physics - Game Truck!

Wednesday - Lighting, Music, Sound Fx - Dragon: The Game

Thursday - GUI, Inventory, Crafting

Friday - Vehicles, 3D Games, FINAL EVENT

Daily Schedule

8:30AM - Show Up!

10AM - 15 Minute Break

12 - 1PM - Lunch Break

3PM - 15 Minute Break

4:30pm - Go Home!

Final Event?

Friday Afternoon @ 3pm

1) Demonstrate Coding a Game
2) Demonstrate Designing a Game
3) Show Off YOUR Game


History of Games

Are Games Art?

Why We Need More Games!

History of Video Games

TED ED: A Brief History of Video Games


The Original Micro-transaction

In the 70s and 80s, Games Were Played in Arcades

Machines Cost Thousands, but Made $400+ a Week

Peaked at 3.2 Billion Dollars a Year (In Quarters!)

Game Development 

In The Age of Arcades

Electrical Engineering

Logic was built by circuits in silicon


The Crash of 1983

12+ Home Game Consoles on the Market
Plus the Rise of Home Computers

Inflation! Quarters were worth less
but games cost more to make

Went from 3.2 Billion in Revenue to 100 Million
(x30 Drop)

North American Video Game Crash of 1983

Gaming Was Saved By Mario

After Arcades

The Rise of Home Consoles in the 80s to Now

PC Gaming

Home Computers Go Mainstream With Games

PC & Consoles

Cost Less Than a Cabinet

Played interchangeable Games

Right in Your Own Home

PC vs. Consoles

PC and Console Gamers Don't Always Get Along

PCs Offer a Wider Variety of Play

Consoles Offer "Couch Co-Op"

The Rise of Mobile

A Console in Every Pocket!

If you're sensitive to PG-13 swear words, please Mute

Mobile Gaming Is Now

1.5 Billion Smartphones in the World

More Hours Per Player Than Consoles

Mostly Free-to-Play with 51% Non-Paying Players

PC and Consoles Should Both Be Afraid of the iPhone!

Are Games 




What Is Art? 

"Something that is created with imagination and skill 
and that is beautiful or that expresses important 
ideas or feelings" - Webster's Dictionary

Games Are Beautiful!

They Express Feelings

Created With Skill

We Need More Games

Gaming Can Make a Better World
by Jane McGonigal

Are Games 





Further Watching

Indie Game: The Movie
on Netflix
Thumb Candy: A History of Video Games 
by BBC Channel 4 on YouTube
Life and Death of the American Arcade
By The Verge
Evolution of Gaming 1952 - 2013
on YouTube
TED ED: A Brief History of Video Games
Gaming Can Make a Better World
by Jane McGonigal




What is Unity?

A 3D and 2D Game Engine and Tools

The Leading Game Engine
(45% According to Unity)

Uses C#, Runs on Windows, Linux, or Mac

Helps you make games for PC, PS4, XBox, 

What is Unity?

What Are We Doing With It?

Build a 2D Game

In 5 Days

With Physics, Music, Sound Fx, Lighting, Particles...

And Fun!