How to Register

By Cate Pearce

> Go to

> Click HERE in either of the suggested registration places



> Follow the instructions on the User Registration form

1. Use your real name
2. If you want to keep your name private on the public matches pages, use an alias, which will be displayed instead of your real name
3. Your email address becomes your login username



> When completed, click "Register"

> You can leave this page open and then go to your email account in another tab/page to get your confirmation code

> Copy the confirmation code from the email you receive from Gedmatch and place it in the box as shown on the previous page

> Enter the confirmation number and click CONFIRM

Now you're ready to upload your DNA data
> Use your email address to login and make a note of your password

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GEDMATCH:​ How to Register

By Cate Pearce


GEDMATCH:​ How to Register