How to upload
​raw DNA data

By Cate Pearce

> Login to 

If you haven't yet registered,
see "GEDMATCH - How to Register"

> On the GEDmatch homepage, go to "File Uploads"
(top right side of page)

> Click on "Generic Upload FAST"

This works for Family Tree DNA or AncestryDNA

This example uses but it is the same for Family Tree DNA and My Heritage

Detailed notes are in the following slides...





In May 2018, resulting from the news about the arrest of the 'Golden State Killer', using GEDMATCH as a police tool, the following additional section was added...

1. Use your real name in "Name of Donor"

If you don't want your real name displayed in public, fill in the "Alias", which will be displayed when you are listed on another person's Match pages.

Use your birth name, rather than your married name.

2. Include the sex of the person being uploaded.

Add the haplogroups if you know them.

This is just for the information of other people who see your name in their list of matches.

It doesn't matter if you don't know - just leave it blank.

3. Make sure you change this to YES.

The point of being on GEDmatch is be able to see other people who match your DNA, so you need to authorise GEDmatch to display your results publicly.

4. > Click CHOOSE FILE

You now need to find on your computer the file that you downloaded from the test company that is your raw DNA file.

If the file is from AncestryDNA, it will start with "dna-data",
followed by the date and it will end with ".zip".
For example,

If the file is from Family Tree DNA, it will start with "36_" followed by the name, "Chrom_Autoso_", the date and it will end with ".csv.gz".
For example, 36_C_Edmonds_Chrom_Autoso_20180920.csv.gz

If the file is from My Heritage, it will simply say

> After you've selected the file, click UPLOAD

5. The file will now upload to GEDmatch.

This process takes some time, so DO NOT close this page.

A new screen will appear, which shows you the process of GEDmatch unpacking your DNA data from the file.

This process takes some time, so DO NOT close this page.

You will see the green numbers gradually appear:
this is the data from each chromosome being unpacked.

6. Once all the DNA data has been unpacked, it will say "UPLOAD COMPLETE" and you will receive your GEDMATCH KIT NUMBER. > Record your ASSIGNED KIT NUMBER so that you can inform other people what your GEDmatch number is.

Back on your GEDmatch homepage, you will see your new uploaded DNA file in the section "YOUR DNA RESOURCES".

It will have two asterisks, meaning that there is still some processing to be done that will take a few days to complete.

In the meantime, you can only use the "ONE-TO-ONE comparison facility.

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GEDMATCH: Upload ​raw DNA data

By Cate Pearce


GEDMATCH: Upload ​raw DNA data