Children Imagining the Future

An Interactive Exhibition

that instills global awareness and futures thinking

The Exhibition

Children's art is the purest and most honest of human creative expressions.

The ICAF collection is comprised of artwork by national winners from 50 countries including the United States of an international art contest in which children depicted the future as they see it or the utopia they imagined.

The works are limited edition lithographs on highest quality archival paper.  
The standard size for all 50 works is 22 x 30 inches. The exhibition requires a minimum of 300 linear feet (or about 100 linear meters) of wall space.

Sponsorship fee for the exhibition is US$7,500 payable in advance to the International Child Art Foundation (ICAF). The collection becomes the property of the Sponsor and can be auctioned to cover the exhibition expenses.


The ICAF unveils children's imagination to the adult world through important exhibitions and arranges children's panels at major conferences.


The Sponsor's Responsibilities

a) Select an appropriate venue, dates and duration for the exhibition.

b) Frame the artworks (thin metallic/wood frames) and print the exhibition posters
c) Host an opening reception at which the importance of creativity is emphasized by       the Sponsor CEO or Chairperson.

d) Make the exhibition interactive, based on the ICAF art activity plan.

e) Provide exhibition photos and video clips to the ICAF to promote on social media.

f) The exhibition can travel to other corporate locations.

The ICAF's Responsibilities

a) Ship the collection to Sponsor within two weeks of receiving payment
b) Prepare an art activity plan that engages exhibition visitors to paint or draw their         own visions of the future, making the exhibition interactive.
c) Design exhibition posters and send these designs to Sponsor to use.

d) Promote the exhibition on the ICAF social media channels.

Example of works

Albania (Giada Kuka, age 10)                                                                      Benin (Emile Mavel, age 9)   

Cuba (Yasmany Perez Suarez, age 10)                                                        Germany (Anne Langer, age12)  

Indonesia (Francisca Candra, age 10)                                                  Mongolia (Bolor Erdene, age 10)

Lithuania (Mykolas Vasiliunas, age 9)                                          Macedonia (Sinolichka Naydenovska, age 11)  


For all of us, the beauty and thoughtfulness of these works offer powerful evidence of the breadth and depth of the global conversation that is cultivated and perpetuated through children’s art.  Thank you so much for sharing these images with us and for the important work you do.  

- Professor Jessica Hoffmann Davis
  Director (retd.) , Arts in Education Program, Harvard University


Since 1997 the ICAF has served American children as their national arts organization and the world's children as their international arts organization. Incorporated in the District of Columbia as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, the ICAF is today independently ranked in the 25 Top children's charities in the United States.

The ICAF organizes the Arts Olympiad (the world's largest art program for schoolchildren), produces the World Children's Festival on The National Mall every four years (as the 'Olympics' of children's imagination), and publishes the ChildArt magazine (for children's creative and empathic development).


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