Have You Considered Windows?

Christopher Bloom

2020: Year of the Desktop

  • No sacrifices for portability
  • Customization options
  • More power per dollar

You're not going anywhere.

Macs Are Great

Choice Is Great

What are our not-Mac options?

Desktop Hardware For Software

  • CPU - More and faster cores = more stuff simultaneously
  • Memory - More and faster RAM = more stuff simultaneously
  • Dedicated GPU - The big one and the most impactful weakness in laptops. Graphics processing is extremely important for multi-monitor, UI rendering, and video conferencing.
  • Cooling - All this heat needs to go somewhere. "LOL my laptop fan is about to lift off."

We operate in a world where huge numbers of open Chrome tabs, IDE files, Docker containers, chat applications all need to run perfectly while ALSO sharing screens and live audio/video.

Why Windows?

It's free-ish*.

It's compatible with everything.

And it has real Linux built in.


"Windows Subsystem For Linux"


Microsoft put Ubuntu Linux into Windows to finally provide a "real" command line.


WSL2 means any *nix command that works on a Mac now works on Windows.


You're not here to watch me install stuff,

so just follow this:


Windows Terminal (Preview)

Docker Desktop (edge)


Everything works!


Except host DNS resolution :(

1. Edit your hosts file (oldschool)

2. Run this command:
netsh http add iplisten

VSCode Integration

Filesystem Integration


Windows For Modern Development

By Christopher Bloom

Windows For Modern Development

Windows is a viable operating system to work within Node and Docker thanks to Windows Subsystem For Linux 2.

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