Recognising and rewarding your employees is a technique to make progress in your business. It simply does wonders in motivating and lifting the morale of your workforce. It is a way to show them that you care about what they do. However, you should be careful to do it right. If you get it wrong then the impact might end up slapping you in the face according to tips from J Finn Industries, LLC account on Quora.

First of all, you should take recognition and reward programs as a means to benefit the entire organization and not a benefit to the employees alone. It is your way to guide the personnel to determine what they should do. With these efforts, the employees will feel part of the organization and try as much as possible to contribute their best. They will wake up happy to attend their duties. And, this needs to be done on a regular basis to avoid people losing focus.


Recognition and Reward Programs


Jay Findling, New Jersey businessman, President, and CEO of J Finn Industries says that since these efforts are meant for both the organization and employees, put this in mind as you determine the best sensible criteria to do it. A structure should be put in place so that no one feels underappreciated. Give clear instructions and indicate the eligible mark earners so that everyone can strive to achieve the targets equally.




Make It A Surprise

Go the surprising way since they might get accustomed making this important event lose value. Do not let the managers make the decisions on who deserves the reward. This might raise suspicion of favoritism killing the morale you will be trying to achieve in the first place.

When you have reached on who deserves rewards, provide a selection of gifts for each contestant employee to choose. Let the supervisors write personalized thank you notes to the winners. Some of the rewards might be hampers, vouchers, chocolates, wine, a day out, certificates or spa days.


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