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A JavaScript client framework for mobile, desktop and Web designed to leverage simple conventions and empower creativity.


An application platform with tools and infrastructure. Initially a realtime database with API; now a full suite for app development.

Why do we need

yet another

Web application


Aurelia: What is it?

  • Just JavaScript.
  • Not yesterday's JavaScript, but the JavaScript of tomorrow.
  • Written from the ground up in ECMAScript 2016.
  • Native modules, classes, decorators and more.

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Aurelia: Benefits

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Build components with plain JavaScript. The framework stays out of your way so your code remains clean and manageable.

Clean and Unobtrusive

Aurelia: Benefits

Simple conventions
⇒ Developers follow solid patterns.
⇒ Less code to write and maintain.
⇒ Less fiddling with framework APIs;

more focus on app.

Convention over Configuration

Aurelia: Benefits

Developers learn

a small set of patterns and APIs,

unlock limitless possibilities.

but not simplistic

Aurelia: Benefits


Promotes the "-ilities" 

Aurelia: Benefits

Designed to be highly modular and easily customized.
Almost every aspect of Aurelia is extensible.
No hacking the framework.


Use your favorite third-party library or framework.
jQuery, React, Polymer, Bootstrap, etc.

Extensible & Integratible

Aurelia: Benefits

✅ Next-generation JavaScript
✅ Web Components
❌ Unnecessary abstractions

Focused on Web Standards

Aurelia: Benefits

An official product of Blue Spire Inc.
Enterprise support available.

Thriving community and ecosystem.

Gitter | StackOverflow

An Official Product
with Commercial Support


By Jay Bienvenu


An introduction to developing Web applications using the Aurelia front-end framework and the Firebase database service.

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