Making the

Envato Marketplaces



What are the Envato Marketplaces?

A Collection of Online Digital Marketplaces

Fun Facts

  • 7 Years old
  • 3.4 million members
  • 4.6 million items
  • Item sold every 10 sec
  • 10 Authors sold > $1million
  • Themeforest: 111th Alexa ranking
  • 25+ active developers
  • 10+ deploys a day
  • MASSIVE code-base
  • Lots of user generated content

Where to begin?

Take one page and make it responsive

... and


“Designing an online experience for mobile before designing it for the desktop Web — or any other device”
The added complexity of converting a legacy grid-less website to be mobile-first is mind boggling as there is a long period of time that most pages are a hybrid.


  • Select a Mobile-First grid framework
  • Build a switch to limit which pages are responsive
  • Serve separate CSS for responsive pages
  • Conditional media-queries
  • Complete re-build header with off-canvas nav
  • Complete re-build of footer
  • Build responsive modules
  • Put it all together

Choosing a Grid Framework

  • Pure grid framework
  • Grids applied with mixins (no grid classes required in HTML)
  • Highly configurable
  • Works with Rails + Compass
  • Written with Sass
  • IE7+ compatibility (legacy fallback is desktop version)
  • Can change grid columns at different breakpoints
  • Actively developed and maintained

Responsive Switch

Control which pages should be responsive at the flip of a switch

def show
  @responsive = true

Enable the switch based on conditions

  • Specific pages
  • Features
  • User roles
  • Traffic percentage
  • A-B testing
  • etc

Conditional CSS

Serve up different CSS files depending if the page
has the responsive switch enabled or not


<%= if @responsive %>
    <link href="application-responsive.css" rel="stylesheet" />
<% else %>
    <link href="application.css" rel="stylesheet" />
<% end %>


$responsive: true
@import 'application.sass'

Conditional media-queries

Compile both the desktop stylesheets (no media-queries)
and the responsive stylesheets (with media-queries)
from the same Sass files

How you ask?


“Susy provides the power-tools,
what you build is up to you.”

`at-breakpoint` mixin

Sass mixin to handle all our media-queries


Allows us to remove any media-query applied with the`at-breakpoint` mixin if the <html> has a certain class

Step 1: Add class to <html>

<!--[if lte IE 8]>
  <html class="lt-ie9 fixed-layout">

<!--[if gt IE 8]><!-->
  <html class="<%= 'fixed-layout' unless @responsive %>">

Step 2: Setup Sass Config

// Susy
// ------------------------
// Grid settings
$container-style: fluid
$total-columns: 4
$column-width: 65px
$gutter-width: 20px
$grid-padding: 10px

// Breakpoints
$phone-only: 4 568px
$tablet-and-above: 569px 8
$tablet-only: 569px 8 1024px
$tablet-and-below: 8 1024px
$desktop-and-above: 1025px 12 fixed-layout

// Breakpoint output
$breakpoint-media-output: $responsive and not $lt-ie9
$breakpoint-ie-output: $lt-ie9 or not $responsive

Step 3: Use at-breakpoint mixin

  // Mobile default
  background-color: red

  // Tablet
    background-color: green

  // Desktop
    background-color: blue


Susy will remove any media-query applied with the `at-breakpoint` mixin


.module { background-color: red; }

@media (min-width: 569px) and (max-width: 1024px) {
  .module { background-color: green; }

@media (min-width: 1025px) {
  .module { background-color: blue; }


.module { background-color: red; }
.fixed-layout .module { background-color: green; }
.fixed-layout .module { background-color: blue; }
// With breakpoints removed the desktop style (background-color: blue) will take precedence

Rebuild header

with off-canvas nav

  • Most complex module
  • Took the most time
  • Required Prototyping
  • Device/Browser Edge-cases
  • Duplicate nav HTML
  • Lots of testing

Rebuild the footer

Responsive Modules

Coded to work anywhere and don’t care about or inherit
styles from their parent container.

At most, the parent container controls the position and
dimensions of where the module will be used.

Pagination module

Putting it all together

Other Considerations

  • Icon fonts
  • Hi-res logos for retina
  • SVGs
  • Living style-guide
  • Killing background sprites usage
  • Conditional Modals


  • It's a long journey
  • Our code is benefiting straight away
  • Freeing ourselves from legacy front-end constraints
  • We still have user generated content hurdles to overcome


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