The ins and outs of being a

Delivery Lead

Jordan Lewis


Purchase Stream

- Delivery lead

- Frontend dev

What is a
Delivery Lead?

A delivery lead is focused on the stream’s ability to reach its goals

  • Get things delivered
  • Focus on setting goals and hitting them
  • Looks at the way the team works together
  • Enacts change to make the team more effecient
  • Guides by example
  • Fights for change and whats important
  • More focussed on Agile practices


Point of contact
for the stream

  • Delivery Lead Standup
  • Program Retro
  • Standabout™
  • General questions 

Co-ordinates and facilitates the key delivery events 

  • Backlog grooming
  • Sprint planning
  • Daily standup
  • Prep for program retro
  • Sprint retro

Helps maintain the “flow” of work for the stream

  • Remove blockers
  • Seek out stakeholders
  • Coordinate with other streams
  • Triage emergent work with Product Lead
  • etc

Follow up on continuous improvement actions from retro

Together with Product Lead forms the key leadership partnership within each stream

Remains a role for any stream member and can be rotated

A sprint in the life of a

Delivery Lead

Iteration Planning

  • Facilitate meeting

  • How long will things take?

  • Have we explored all we need to do?

  • Have we set realistic goals? (velocity)

  • Do we need any help?

  • Do we have everything we need to delivery the stories?

  • Team availability

  • Communication plan for each story

Sprint Goal

Ensure the stream is giving itself the best possible chance of success


  • Broadcast Sprint Goal
  • Whiteboard
  • Trello

Internal comms

Standup (daily)

  • Facilitate
  • Remove blockers
  • Focus on real dates
  • Seek stakeholders
  • Ensure quality for remoters
  • Ensure starts on time


  • Sprint Goal
  • Any additional objectives
  • Who needs to stay alert
  • Who we need help from
  • What’s coming up?

Program Retro

  • Preparation
  • Represent team along with Product Lead
  • Discuss teams practices
  • Get coaching on ways to improve practices

Delivery Lead Standup

  • Represent team
  • What have we done since last meeting?
  • What we are currently working on?
  • Who we need help from?
  • Be across the changes happening in other streams
  • Report back to stream any potential impacts

Backlog Grooming

  • Ongoing:
    Work with the Product Lead to agree on the priority of emergent work
  • Facilitate
  • Help find a good balance between business and dev needs


  • Ensure stream has a plan and presenter
  • Demo work achieved in sprint (shared)

Sprint Retro

  • Facilitate meeting
  • Begin by reviewing previous retro outcomes
  • Reflect on process and to find ways to improve

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The ins and out of being a Delivery Lead

By Jordan Lewis

The ins and out of being a Delivery Lead

The ins and out of being a Delivery Lead at Envato

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