All decks
  • Gráfficus People 2016

    Encuentro multidisciplinar al que están invitados diseñadores, ilustradores, publicistas, fotógrafos y demás amantes de la creatividad, con charlas y mesas redondas a cargo de profesionales de la comunicación de toda Andalucía.

  • PhoneGap Spain | Barcelona 2016 4YFN

    The 4YFN [4 Years From Now] congress, the home of the fast-growing tech startup community overall, will host our Phonegap Meetup in Barcelona during Mobile World Congress. A perfect setting to talk about design and user experience and basic concepts to consider when it comes to conceptualizing and developing your app. This is a great opportunity to catch up on what's new with PhoneGap and get the best tips on when and how to use push notifications to increase engagement with your users (and not disturb them).