Circus -> supervisor made right

My name is Kamil Gałuszka S4F Team

(Happy anniversary!) Bielsko-Biała 27.11.2013


  • Detect flapping
  • Managing sockets and process
  • See stdout and stderr in realtime
  • webconsole
  • supervisord has only xml-rpc access
  • there is bunch of process that you want supervise

Thanks to...
Tarek Ziadé and Mozilla

Classical Python stack

Circus - stack

Chaussette - 

may your socks  don't suck!! 

So maybe example?

statsd = 1
httpd = 1

host = port = 9999
[watcher:webapp] cmd = bin/chaussette --fd $(circus.sockets.web) django.wsgi.application numprocesses = 3 use_sockets = True
[watcher:celery_app] working_dir = /home/ubuntu/app cmd = /usr/bin/python args = celery worker stdout_stream.class = StdoutStream stderr_stream.class = StdoutStream [env:webapp] PYTHONPATH = /home/ubuntu/app


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