Why hackers need 

their own space?

Hive 44
Katowice 2014 

 Hackers, who they are?

Are they cybercriminals?

We are bunch of people

who love solving problems.

When most used word by 

startup is "awesome"...

One of our principles is
"Sharing is a caring..."

That is why we support: 
  • Open Source
  • Open Culture
  • Open Data
  • Open Access
  • Open Goverment
  • etc.

Free & Open Source Software


This is social coding times!
  • 10 mln repositories
  • 4 mln users
  • Milions pushed pull requests 
  • Milions of fixed issues 

Linux how it's with linux?

  • Red Hat
  • Intel
  • Texas Instruments
  • Linaro
  • SUSE
  • IBM
  • Samsung
  • Google
  • etc.

Linux in Number.

From 2005

10, 000 hackers 

from 1000 companies

Sent 400 000

 patches to Linux!

Why Free & Open Source Software is so important?

Most of our startups benefit from hacker passion, every day...

  • Our software is heavy build on Open Source platforms
  • We don't like to re-invent wheel.
  • Web is Open Platform.
  • Most startups is using open source software to make AWESOME things :)


Hackerspace Silesia

Our accomplishments

  • We exists for 1 year! 16.05.2013 was our first meeting. Happy Birthday!
  • We meet on:
    • PySilesia
    • MeetJS
    • Open Street Maps meetings
    • Malinowy Dżemik (RasberryPI User Group)
    • and our own planned meetings (Board games yay!)
  • Our site is Open Source (look on GitHub)! ( http://silesia.hackerspace.pl ) 
  • We are in process of registration as "Stowarzyszenie Hackerspace Silesia"
  • We aren't locked to one technology group.  

Our Roadmap

  • When registration in court finish:
    • We want to find our new 24h/7d home. 
      • That doesn't necessarily imply that we are homeless hackers (but my boss is saying that this beard is suggesting that)
    • Please support us  
    • Get more passionate members for Hackerspace!
    • We are planning Open Source Hackathon. Come Join US! 

How can You benefit?

  • If you wanna start new technology user group then we are open!
  • We wanna make workshops for: 
    • starters
    • ninjas
    • everyone interested :)




Kamil Gałuszka

from Hackerspace Silesia 

With passion and love!