Sun Peaks Hike, 26 July 2016


Here's a map of the Sun Peaks hiking trails. It's in a brochure.


I had a lovely day out on Trails 1 and 3.


If you like, you can get a bit beyond the brochure in a couple of minutes here.


You've got another week to check out the wildflowers!





The trails were in great shape, and the views were spectacular.

The alpine meadow was so fragrant and busy with life.



flowers just make

you feel good!




Watch this little

cutie in the wind.

Mid-mountain, the sunburst lodge has a nice deck cafe, a view of the ski-in chapel, and lots of washrooms with mirrors for full-length sweaty selfies!

life seems more balanced when we take the time to slow down and watch.

chair lifts are fun! you don't get that in a brochure! come hike sun peaks. the alpine blossom festival is this weekend!

Sun Peaks hike

By kathscherf

Sun Peaks hike

Beyond the Brochure 26 July 2016

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