Not One In the Crowd:

Personalised Feedback & Learning System

A Quick Guide


This guide covers:
  1. How to access the program (click here)
  2. A step-by-step of how to use the program.

See below (press 'down') to see why
you will want to use UQ Feedback:

What & WHY

Larger class sizes make it more difficult for students to feel connected to the teaching staff and engage with the learning material.

By personalising student feedback on assessments, students can feel more engaged and perform better in the coursework.

Students rated an engineering course a full point higher after implementation of this program (from 3.0 to 4.0)

You will need:

  1. To request individualised results after exams
  2. A computing device (PC, Tablet, Smartphone)
  3. An internet connection within the UQ network (e.g. VPN)
  4. Any images or media you wish to append to the feedback, such as sample solution diagrams or digital signature.

Step 1

Select examination type:


Multiple Choice

step 2

Create personalised feedback:

Step 3

Append signature and any relevant media (e.g. images)

Step 4

Upload results file and save changes to create output pdfs to students

step 5

Email feedback to students

Not One in the Crowd

By Kit Brown-Watts

Not One in the Crowd

A Quick Guide to the Personalised Feedback Tool

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