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July 2016 Issue


  1. Index Page
  2. The Rose Collection 
  3. Twisting Eternity in Diamond and Rose
  4. The Blue Collection
  5. Starry Night of Sapphire and Diamonds
  6. New Bittersweet Bracelets!
  7. Cool Facts : Nickel Allergies
  8. Amethyst Set
  9. Twilight of Gemstones: Pink Tourmaline, Garnet, and Amethyst
  10. Ruby : The Birthstone for July
  11. A Jewelry Collection including the Seashore Necklace
  12. A Jewelry Collection, Earthy Brown Diamond Ring
  13. Bittersweet Bracelets
  14. Food for Thought : Finger Swelling
  15. Refurbished Rolex Watches!

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Charming Cushion Cut

Morganite Studs

The Rose Collection



Signature Collection

The Bittersweet Secret!


Every Girl has her Bittersweet Bracelet

Signature models feature a beautifully shimmering backdrop for thick or thin hair ties. Available in four colors!






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Bittersweet Bracelets

The Floral Style

Starting at just $55!




A beautiful model of the

foral style with a silver

finish! Buy it today!

Embrace the charm

That classical smooth finish is touched up with a feminine flare on this floral variation of the

classy bittersweet bracelet. This charming style is a lady's must-have!

Time to girl it up!



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Engrave it!

Make it special.

Make it your own!

Bittersweet Bracelets are fully engravable. Customize them today to carry not only your hair ties, but the words of your memories, wherever you go. 



Best Friends


Class of '16

World's Best Mom

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Twisting Eternity in Diamond and Rose

Two eternities twist together in this captivating pendant.

Both classy, and classical,


A path of smooth rose

gold forever entwines

itself with a trail of

glittering diamonds,

forming an artful

arrangement of negative

space. The warmth of the

gold serves to enhance the

whiteness of the diamonds.

this attractive design surely

puts a new twist on the traditional eternity style pendant: 

eternal love, with a touch of rose gold.

The Blue Collection


A night of midnight and sky blue sapphires, dotted with dazzling diamond “stars”, this pendant is an abstract beauty.


The richness of these deeply colored sapphires emphasize their light blue neighbors, and the clean, bright diamonds scattered among them.


Bordered by a trail of

diamonds, this pendant is

truly a masterpiece.

New Bittersweet Bracelets!

Bracelets to hold your hair ties!


No more ugly hair tie imprints on your wrists! Wear your ties in comfort and style!

They're Affordable.

They're Fashionable.

They're exclusively at Corwin's!




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Cool Facts : Nickel Allergies

"According to the US National Library of Medicine up to 17% of women and 3% of men are allergic to nickel, and the prevalence of nickel allergies is increasing."



Gold purity increases as it's karat increases. 18k gold is more pure than 14k. The more pure your gold, the less likely you are to have a reaction, but usually 14k suffices!

Good Stuff : Those who are allergic to nickel aren't usually allergic to silver! Sterling silver is a good hypoallergenic option!

If you have allergies, it's probably nickel. Recent studies suggest that allergies to copper are much rarer than we thought!

Amethyst Set


Twilight of Gemstones: Pink Tourmaline, Garnet, and Amethest

Capture the beauty of the twilight in this artful pendant. Gradual shades of colors are revealed by a collection of amethyst, pink tourmaline, and garnets, making this pendant shimmer and glitter from every angle.

Tiny joint-pronged settings dot the colorful landscape of gemstones, and an artistic curving trail of rose gold and diamonds swoops through the piece, providing distinction and flare.


Ruby : The Birthstone for July

  • Ruby comes from the Latin word for red, "rubens"
  • The Ruby is given for the 15th or 50th anniversary
  • Rubies are hard. As much so as sapphires and only slightly softer than diamonds.
  • Rubies represent passion and love.






Starting at just $55! Bittersweet Bracelets make the perfect gift!

And they're oh so stackable!

Hot Weather Alert! Finger Swelling


Fingers change their thickness depending on the temperature! A ring that normally fits fine might become too snug when it gets hot out.

Windex seems to work best to remove a stuck ring, believe it or not. Also running it under cold water may help loosen it.

However, always be cautious about having your finger over a sink while attempting to remove it - it could slide off your finger and into the drain!

Refurbished Rolex Watches!


We now carry Rolexes! They're pre-owned so they're more affordable - and they're completely customizable!

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