Let's Assume...

Now What If...


are errors, failure

or fault in a computer program that causes it to produce an INCORRECT or UNEXPECTED result.

is the activity

of checking GOODS or SERVICES to make sure they are good.

It's very easy to file bugs on

Link: https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/

Step 1: Open a New Account

Step 2: Enter a Bug Title

Step 3: File a Bug

1. Steps to Reproduce (STR)

2. Actual Result (AR)

3. Expected Result (ER)

Hurrah!! You Just Filed a Bug

For More, Visit Bug Writing Guidelines

Life Cycle of Bugs(Basic):

Life Cycle of Bugs(Basic):

There Are 4 Channels...


6 weeks


6 weeks

6 weeks

7 ~ 12 Builds

current build

But Before


One Must Create a New Profile on Firefox...

For Windows User...

Step 1: Download & unzip a Firefox Build

Step 2: Open Command prompt & Profile Manager..

Hold 'Shift' Button


Right Mouse Button

firefox -p -no-remote

Step 3: Create new Profile...

Hurrah!! Well Done..

For Linux Users...

ctrl + alt + T

firefox -p -no-remote

The Rest is Same As Before...

Now Lets Begin With

Step 1: Find a Suitable bug ID to verify

Step 2: Read "User Story" and Try To Understand the Bug

Step 3: Download the Build according to Reported Date

Step 4: Reproduce that Bug on Reported Build & Latest Build

Reported Build

Latest Build

For More info -> Check Wiki Page

Now, How to Check your Browser in which Build??


Now How to Know which Channel you are in?




Finally!!! It's Time For

Reproduce the Bug only With Latest           

Latest Nightly


For More info -> Check Wiki Page

Few Tasks dedicated to mobile and Firefox Desktop...

Estimated Time


Step by Step Procedure

It's a Test Case Manager by Mozilla

Setting up to Run Tests

Well Done!! Now Do Some Tests...