Water Cycle Questions

By: Elijah

Why do we have floods?


We have flood because water builds up in rivers from heavy rain showers and the water rises and floods Earth's surface.

Will we ever run out of water?


The earth will never run out of water because it stays the same. Water Evaporates into the clouds then falls back down to Earth as Precipitation. This balances the water out.

Do other planets have water?

Other planets like Mars has little water on them. Also moons may have some water on there surface.

What happens to water at a high temperature?


 If you heat it at 100 degrees then it will evaporate otherwise it will stay the same at a low temperature then as it gets hotter it will start to bubble.

In what forms does water exist on Earth?


Water exist in three ways: Solid (Snow), Liquid (Rain), and Gas (Water Vapor).