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19th April 2017

How to charge more?

Milan Ivanovic



Your own business?

Money negotiations?

By the end...

A little better...

1. How to charge more

2. Charge more

3. No stress about it

Raise your rates!

A bit of marketing!

Dobro nije baš "a bit"

No one likes marketing

Asking for money... is difficult!

So passionate about our job...

A little uncomfortable

Price is not a number

Price is a conversation. 

It happens between you and the counterpart.

It is a conversation about value.

And the compensation for that value. 

The power of no

We tend to seek yes.

The one you want is called commitment.

The one you want is called commitment.

Not intention.

Not a way to dismiss.


Try and seek a No.


Add 20% to what you want.

Add 20% to what you want.

And then add another 20%.

100 vs 120 vs 140

Give them a range

From 140 - 120.

Providing range shows flexibility.

Starting with 140...

You place a strong anchor.

In the worst case, you will get the 100.

If you get more, make sure to deliver more. 

At the end of the day, negotiation is a dance. 




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