New Media Technologies

Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word was a vital software in our research and planning process. The tool allowed us to produce vital pre-production paperwork such as the shootboard, costume & prop lists and call sheet. We also used word to create moodborards that allowed us to demonstrate what styles of clothing and make up we wanted to emulate.


Youtube allowed us to show each other various suggestions of songs that we had for the project. Later on in the process it also allowed us to get inspirtaion for what we wanted the video to look like which allowed us to create our steal-o-matic.


Blogger has been a tool that we have used throughout all of the project to present our experience over the entire course. Blogger's simplistic design has meant it is very easy to make posts and to make the posts look professional as well.


Prezi is a tool that has allowed me to make professional looking powerpoints with relative ease. Slides, GoogleSlides and Emaze have also allowed me to make slideshows that look professional and are relatively easy to present data.