Digital Mapping

HST 305: The Making of the Modern U.S.

Liz Timbs | Brandon Locke

Fall 2015


  • Collaborative space for students to build digital projects and explore digital techniques
  • Offer equipment, software, and support for projects

  • Open & staffed 10am-8pm Mon-Thu, 10-5pm Fri

What Can You Do With Digital Mapping?

  • Storytelling

  • Represent historical data in a compelling way

  • Situate historical events in a visible, easily manipulated digital environment

Digital Harlem


Phila Place

Constructing Furniture City


How Did I Build This? 

The Data

Gathering Data

Cleaning the Data

Importing the Data into CartoDB

Styling the Map


Liz Timbs | Brandon Locke

Old Horticulture 112